St Katherines Dock tour information

St Katherine’s Docks lying between London docks and the Tower of London built on 23 acres The architect was Philip Hardwick he collaborated with Telford on the designing of the warehouse and other buildings. The waters consisted of a large basin of 1.5 acres leading to 2 docks of irregular shape of 4 acres each These were surrounded by sturdy warehouses of yellow brickwork 6 floors high supported by heavy Tuscan columns of iron and providing 116.000 sq metres of storage area to house such commodities as tea rubber wool marble sugar tallow matches and live turtles. The warehouses were unusual in being built close to the water having little unloading area for transit sheds in front of them so that goods could be immediately stored when they were unloaded. The lock to the river was somewhat narrow so was unable to admit large ships, and this probably led to the fact that the docks were never used to their full capacity. In 1864 the St Katherine Company merged with that of the London Docks. The Docks closed in 1968 and sold to the GLC for £1.5 million which was less than the original cost. Taylor Woodrow built the ugly and obtrusive Tower Thistle Hotel. The magnificent warehouses have been converted into shops restaurants cafes and pubs with offices above or replaced by modern residential and commercial developments which the waters have become a marina for luxury yachts.

Why not take a tour of London and take in St Katherines dock and the surrounding areas like tower bridge and the tower of london

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