Ivory House Tour information

Ivory House is the last warehouse of the original project. It was completed by George Aitchinson clerk of the works to St Katherine’s Docks Company. The original fire resistant construction has brick arches and wrought iron beams, circular cast iron columns and brick outer walls and wrought iron roof trusses. It also has an Italianate tower stone string courses at the top of the walls. But the building has a dark tainted past in that it was the storage area for ivory on its way from elephant to the piano trinkets and boxes that have always been so collectable. A photograph dating from the 1890s has a caption that reads that to fill these rooms it would have required the slaughter of 30,000 elephants.

Preserved on the Quay to the South is one half of the unique double leaf footbridge of 1828 by Thomas Telford one of the earliest moveable iron bridges remaining in Britain. Its structure is reminiscent of the bridge in Ironbridge, Shropshire. The present footbridge was built to replace this one and is also retractable.

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